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Contrary to popular belief, it turns out Australian, Ugandan, Americans actually do exist.


Congratulations, you’ve found one.


By way of a brief introduction, I am a professional actor who is lucky enough to make my home in both Los Angeles and New York City.  I was born in Melbourne, Australia – usually most people’s first guess when they meet me – to refugees from Uganda who left their home after Idi Amin came to power in the 1970s.   Moving from Melbourne to Brooklyn at age ten, it wasn’t long before I became just another American kid attending high school in Bay Ridge, followed by four years at Amherst College.


After graduating from Amherst I lived a brief, alternate life working for Goldman Sachs before beginning my real life as an actor.  For almost a decade I have performed in countless film, television and theater projects including those produced by NBC, Comedy Central, The Public Theater and The Cherry Lane Theatre among many others.  


I could go on...but I'm guessing you've gotten what you need out of this.  Am I right?  I bet I'm right.


Photograph by Brian Parillo

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